WPS DataRecovery Master

WPS DataRecovery Master

Recover lost data of any kind and from any type of storage device
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There are many instances in which you can lose valuable or sensitive data – virus attacks, formatted drives or partitions, accidental deletions, etc. That can happen not only on your PC, but also on your phone, USB drives, memory cards, and whatever other external storage devices you can think of. WPS DataRecovery Master has been designed to help you recover all your data from all your devices, simply and efficiently.

As it is becoming more and more the norm with data recovery tools, the trial provided is utterly useless in terms of efficiency evaluation when it comes to actual data recovery. It is great to help you familiarize with the app’s functionality and to enjoy its clean and attractive user interface, but as soon as you try to test its real potential, a warning sign will pop up inviting you to register.

Thus, the furthest you can get in terms of functionality testing is to try the various scan processes provided and see how much data the registered version promises to recover. In the program’s initial window, you will find a main menu with options for Universal Recovery, Deletion, Format, U Disk/Memory Card, Empty Recycle Bin, and Partition Loss. Each of these menu entries comes with its own scan process and a very similar way to go about it. You are usually asked to select a drive or partition where to run the scan and to wait for the results. The scan processes are not particularly fast, but I don’t expect anything less from an “in-depth scan”. The number of potentially recoverable files that appears on the screen once the scan process is over makes up for the wait. Not all files are susceptible of being recovered, though, and that is why they all come with a “high”, “mid”, or “low” tag, which will give you an idea of what to expect. In exceptional cases where the file is still in very good shape, you may be able to take a glimpse of the file’s contents.

WPS DataRecovery Master looks like a promising data recovery tool. It supports all types of files, all kinds of storage devices, and offers you different options for different problems. To check if it really works or not, you will need to buy it first, though.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Supports all storage devices
  • Suitable for all types of data
  • Tags files according to the recovery odds
  • In-depth scans


  • The trial versión won't recover any data
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